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{5 junio 2013}   Answers to St.B. page 115

   5.- 1´m going to be   2are going to go   3are going to drive   4aren´t going to go   5aren´t going to buy   6is going to make   7 ´s going to be  

   6.- 1Is Ben going to be thirteen tomorrow? Yes, he is.   2Are Ben and his friends going to do something fun? Yes, they are.   3Are they going to travel by bus? No, they aren´t.   4Are Ben´s parents going to go on any rides? No, they aren´t.   5Are they going to buy any sandwiches? No, they aren´t.  

   7.- 1must   2mustn´t   3mustn´t   4mustn´t   5must   6must  

   8.- 1 ´ll   2 ´ll sing   3definitely won´t go   4 will cost   5won´t have    6 ´ll go   7 ´ll probably be   8´ll watch  

   9.- 1Will the Beyoncé concert be good? Yes, it will.   2Will the tickets cost a hundred euros? Yes, they will.   3Will Erin buy a ticket? No, she won´t.   4Will Erin´s sister go to the concert? Yes, she will.   5Will Erin see the concert? Yes, she will.  

   10.- 1see   2isn´t   3´ll love   4´ll be   5feels   6don´t  

   11.- 1travel   2´ll get   3don´t wear   4won´t do   5learns   6win



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