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{3 junio 2013}   Unit 9, W.B., answers

Page 57 

   1.- 1 rubber   2glass   3stone   4brick   5cardboard   6wool   7steel  

   2.- 2paper   3cotton   4leather   5concrete   6porcelain  

   3.- Your answers  

Page 58  

   1.- 1Will you be famous in the future?   2Kim won´t like that horror film.   3Will the weather be nice tomorrow?   4They won´t watch TV this evening.   5We´ll be at the zoo on Sunday.  

   2.- 1won´t be   2´ll stay   3won´t see   4 ´ll pass   5´ll like  

   3.- 1´ll probably study   2´ll probably work   3definitely won´t become  

   4.- 1Will he get married? No, he probably won´t get married.   2Will he finish university? Yes, he´ll probably finish university.   3Will he have children? No, he definitely won´t have children.   4Will he travel around the world? Yes, he´ll definitely travel around the world.   5Will he become rich and famous? No, he probably won´t become rich and famous.  

Page 59  

   6.- 1won´t   2won´t   3´ll   4´ll   5´ll  

   7.- 1´ll buy   2recycle   3won´t go   4don´t have   5makes  

   8.- 1a If you turn off hte lights, you´ll save money.   2d If we don´t leave now, we´ll be late.   3b If I lose Tim´s laptop, he won´t be very happy.   4e If she doesn´t drive carefully, she´ll have an accident.   5c If it stops raining, they´ll have a picnic.  

Page 60  

   1.- 1window   2roof   3floor   4cables   5pipes  

   2.- 1solar panel   2curtains   3radiator   4blinds   5carpet   6air conditioner   7wall   8ceiling  

Page 61  

   1.- No, she doesn´t.  

   2.- 1T   2F   3T   4F   5T  

   3.- 1She thinks it will be hotter because of global warming.   2More people will live in flats because the population is growing.   3The walls will move so you can change the sizes of the rooms.   4Robots will clean our homes and cook our meals.   5Houses will have wind turbines to get energy from the wind.  

Page 62  

   1.- 1Let´s have a party at my house.   2Good idea!   3If you want, I´ll make a cake.   4But what about the drinks?   5I´ll take care of the drinks.  

   2.- 1F 2F 3F  

   1.- 1b    2b  

   2.-   1so people won´t need to cook or clean.   2so there won´t be any schools.   3so they won´t need to go to an office.  

   3.-  1wear light, cotton clothes   2will work at home   3they won´t need to go to and office.   4won´t need to cook or clean.   5there won´t be any schools.  

Page 11o    

   2.-  1e Bea loves animals so she´ll definitely become a vet.   2b Jon hates maths so he won´t study it at university.   3d The Internet will be free so everyone will comunicate online.   4aI hate working indoors so I definitely won´t have an office job.   5cThe world will be drier so there will be more deserts.



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