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{3 junio 2013}   St.B. Unit 9 answers

Page 109  

   2.-   1ecological   2electricity   3telephones   4handheld   5public   6electric  

   3.- 1d Claudio´s parents are Brazilian, so they speak Portuguese.   2aIt´s sunny today, so we can go to the beach.   3bYou´re only fifteen years old, so you must go to school.   4cI didn´t have any money, so I couldn´t buy the CD.  

Page 113  

   8.- 1mouse   2keyboard   3base unit   4microphone   5scanner   6monitor  

   9.-   print – record – scan – store – type – connect  

   1o.- 1leather   2aluminiun   3plastic   4cotton   5cardboard   6wool   7brick   8glass   9wood  

   11.- 1concrete   2paper   3stone   4porcelain   5rubber   6steel  

   12.- 1carpet   2solar panel   3door   4radiator   5cable  

   13.- 1air conditioner   2ceiling   3curtains   4window   5walls  

Page 114  

   1.- 1butter   2vegetables   3cheese   4a pear   5milk   6bacon  

   2.- 1There are some eggs.   2There aren´t any biscuits.   3There´s some water.   4There are some grapes.   5There isn´t any lettuce.   6There aren´t any oysters.  

   3.-  1How much milk do you need? You need 275ml of milk.   2How many onions do you need? You need two onions.   3How much olive do you need? You need 30ml of olive oil.   4How many potatoes do you need? You need two potatoes.   5How many tomatoes do you need? You need twelve tomatoes.  

   4.-   1should   2should   3shouldn´t   4shouldn´t   5should



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