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{30 enero 2013}   Answers to the listening.

Listening Unit 4 test 

J = Jack, A = Anna

J    I like the story of Henry the Eighth, the King of England. He got ___married____ six times! His first wife, Catherine of Aragon, was from Spain. She was ___older___ than Henry. Henry got ____married____ five more times. He had a son called Edward. Henry was very fat and he _couldn´t_ walk.

A    Well, what about the French queen Marie Antoinette? She ___was__ fourteen when she got __engaged___ to the Prince of France. They got ___married____ five years later. She was from Austria but she went to France to live with the prince. I think they __fell__ in love. She spent a lot of money. The French people didn’t like her because they were very poor. They __killed_ her and her husband. Marie Antoinette was only 38 years old when she __died__.

Listening from Switch 2 by Oxford



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