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{30 enero 2013}   Answers to reading and comprehension


1.- Read the text. Then answer the questions.

Dolphins help children

   Dolphins are beautiful and intelligent animals and most people love them. But Simon Brice and his parents have got a very special reason for loving dolphins.

   Simon couldn´t speak when he was ten years old. When Simon´s parents heard stories about dolphins playing with children and helping them, they took him to Miami to swim with dolphins. On the first day, Simon went into the water, but he was nervous. On the second day, he touched the dolphins. The next day, Simon swam with the dolphins. It took many days, but finally Simon said his first word: in. Simon used the word in to show everyone that he wanted to swim in the pool with the dolphins. The dolphins were gentle with Simon. Simon slowly learned to say many more words and he soon started communicating with other people.

a.- What was Simon´s problem?

__He couldn´t speak when he was ten years old. ____________________

b.- Why do most people love dolphins?

___Because they are beautiful and intelligent animals._______________

c.- When did Simon swim with the dolphins for the first time? _He swam with the dolphins for the first time on the third day of being in Miami._______

d.- Were the dolphins gentle with Simon?Yes, they were.

e.- Did Simon say his first word in the third day? No, he didn´t.

Biology: animal defences

Read the text.

Camouflage – looking like the things around you – is one of the most common animal defences. Chameleons are famous for camouflage as they can change their colour. But other animals have different kinds of natural defences.

Some defences are quite passive. For example, possums fall to the ground and act dead. They make a nasty smell at the same time so that other animals think they are bad food and don’t try to eat them.

Skunks are the most famous animals for creating bad smells. They spray a terrible stink on the predator. Most animals leave in a hurry!

The strangest defence of all belongs to the Malaysian ant. When another animal is attacking the ant, it waits until the animal is very close, and then it explodes!

Match the definitions with bold words and phrases from the text.

1   not active ___passive____________

2   very quickly __in a hurry_____________

3   send liquid into the air ___spray____________

4   an animal which kills and eats another animal __predator_____________

5   create a false impression ____act___________

6   not nice ___nasty____________

7   very bad smell ___stinky____________

8   trying to hurt ___attacking____________

Match 1–5 with a–e.

1   Chameleons are very good at … c)

2   Possums … d)

3   Possums and skunks … a)

4   All of these animals … e)

5   The Malaysian ant’s defence … b)

a)  both make bad smells.

b)  is sudden and violent.

c)  camouflage.

d)  make other animals think they are dead.

e)  have natural defences.



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