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{23 febrero 2012}   Hung up by Madonna (phonetic exercises).

    Do you want to practise more about phonetics. You are in the right place. Try this activity.

   1. Think about situations in which time went by very very slowly for you and write them here.

   2. Compare your answers with your class-mate’s. Did you have the same ones?

   3. You are going to listen to a song in which time goes by very slowly for a person. Here you have some words from this song, well, the phonetic transcription!!!. Can you write the words (USE CAPITAL LETTERS) and answer some questions BEFORE listening to the song?

   4. If you had problems to find the words try to see if you can do it with the help of the song now.

    5. Now listen to the song.

   6. Choose the best answer.


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